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Loading bays, tables, yard ramps, levellers, shelters and doors... Our catalogue contains the customised solution that is best for you.

Good perspectives for 2015

Last October, Inkema held in Barcelona its annual convention for most of our national and international representatives and distributors. The convention consisted in both several working hours and leisure time for the attendees. They were explained about the positive performance of the company during 2014. A growth...

Inkema Again Wins First Prize for Best SME.

Inkema, one of the major international companies specialized in producing Loading Bay equipment and Industrial Doors, has been honored by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Timisoara (Romania) for the second consecutive year with the award as the Best Small Company in this region. The award...

Free Standing Frames and Tunnels INKEMA

Inkema’s free standing frames and tunnels are designed specifically for each customer, to speed up the installation of a loading bay, improve the internal insulation of the warehouse and increase the storage capacity of the building.The tunnel and bench system couples the building to the vehicle. The standard tunnel roof is...

RH65: The most versatile solution

The Inkema RH65 Yard Ramp is the most versatile leveler in the market. It is recommended for loading and unloading operations in industrial warehouses and premises with no loading bay facilities to allow the forklifts to reach the truck from ground level. The RH65 can be made in different lengths and different loading...

Solutions for Logistic Companies

Companies in Logistic Sector require the best quality, safety and functionality for their facilities. For this reason Inkema offers perfectly suited solutions to match their multiple logistic needs such as levellers, high speed and industrial doors or scissor lift tables. Inkema’s range of products brings...

Sectional Doors

Sectional Doors are one of the best options for industrial enclosures due to their high degree of protection, insulation, security, and low maintenance. In addition, Sectional Doors adapt to the available and building characteristics in each case, providing a more efficient use of space.In Inkema our technicians in...

Inkema takes part in IKEA

The largest IKEA plant in the Middle East has become a reality, located at Amman (Jordan). For the building’s construction, which has involved many European companies, Inkema has installed Loading Bay levelers, Self-repairable Doors and Sectional Doors. Since March the 6th, the Swedish multinational leader in furniture...

International Division

At Inkema we are strongly committed to the quality of our products and services. Have a direct insight of the needs and demands of the sector, as well as the opinions and requests of our customers, is a need which allows us to improve day after day our quality standards. To achieve this objective, Inkema has its...

Safety Directives and Standards

All the levellers and loading bridges Inkema have been calculated and designed pursuant to the following European directives and standards: Directives: 2006 / 42 / EC Machine safety.2004 / 108 / EC Electromagnetic compatibility.2006 / 95 / EC Low voltage. European Standards: EN 1398:2010 Levelling ramps.EN...

Award as the best Medium Size Company

At Inkema we could not have a better year end. Last November, the Timisoara’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture granted us the award to the best medium size company of the metallurgic industrial sector. Last year we made half the way, as we were granted the second prize. But we are aware that we are part of...

Solutions for the horticultural sector

Within the horticultural sector they exist certain requirements that can not be ignored. Quality, safety and functionality are some of them. For this reason Inkema offers well suited solutions in order to satisfy the multiple logistic needs in this sector. We adapt to your needs. The food sector, specially the...

Dock Shelters

Inkema Dock Shelters are designed to be used in warehouses, logistic centres and in any kind of productive plant, ensuring significant power saving and good insulation, as well as a better comfort and flexibility in loading and unloading manoeuvres.The main benefits of Inkema’s dock shelters are:Power saving by...

Loading Bridges

Inkema PA1 loading bridges are designed to be installed at the end of loading bays, with the possibility of lateral sliding which enables you to have access to several loading points by using only one bridge. In the same way, another advantage is that they do not need any kind of pit for their installation. They...

Scissor Lifts

The Inkema Scissor Lifts are used mainly to move any type of loading vertically, being able to be adapted to the customers needs with previous technical study. The Inkema Scissor Lift of simple scissors is formed by: Base: it is formed by laminated profile in which it is installed the scissors mechanism and the...

High Speed Doors

With a Clear Objective: to Control the Temperature.Inkema’s Cold-storage High Speed Doors are designed for the interior of heavy traffic cold-storage chambers working in a temperature range from 0ºC up to -30ºC, preventing the loss of cold by minimizing the time in which the chamber is open due to the transit of...

Loading Bays: Solutions For the Horticultural Sector

Within the Horticultural Sector they exist certain requirements that can not be ignored. Quality, safety and functionality are some of them. For this reason Inkema offers well suited solutions in order to satisfy the multiple logistic needs in this sector as loading bays, high speed doors, industrial doors or scissor...

Security Baseboard

Having a security baseboard in a loading leveller increases the security for the operator, the goods and the installation. The baseboard consists in an extension of the leveller’s lip, with milling in both edges. When the leveller is closed, the baseboard stands out the loading bay, thus providing its own function as a...

Scissor Lifts: Efficient, Robust and Safe

Inkema’s scissor lifts are suitable to cover different logistics needs in most sectors: food, pharmaceutics, automotive, industrial, textile, etc. Mainly Inkema’s scissor lifts are designed to: Overcome drops: they move vertically any kind of load to overcome different heights in reduced spaces.Loading bays:...

Loading Bridges

Inkema bridges are essential in any loading and unloading process as they reduce significantly risks to workers, premises and goods. Inkema offers a wide range of manual bridges in different finishes and dimensions. We can divide them into two types depending on its construction material: - Iron bridges: Minidocks or...

Self-repairable High-Speed Doors

Our highlight today is our High-Speed Door with Self-repairable system. This door is a speed rolling door, but with the peculiarity that when something hits it hard or crashes into it, the canvas jumps out of its guides without breaking. The subjection elements won’t be damaged neither, and when we re-start the door, the...

Loading bays

The loading bay is a basic part of the logistic of any company. It could be said that loading docks are the space designed for loading and unloading goods. However, the existence of elements that ease this task makes the job more or less effective. And it is necessary that loading docks are effective, because they are used...

Loading bays: solutions for the meat industry

Within the meat industry they exist certain requirements that can not be ignored. Quality, safety and functionality are some of them. For this reason Inkema offers well suited solutions in order to satisfy the multiple logistic needs in this sector... The food industry, specially the meat one, is a field where our...

Construction systems on loading bay

Inkema also supplies different construction systems. After conducting a previous study, we offer the best solutions for each type of construction, installation and loading bay. The Inkema construction system concept is easy to explain: these systems are designed to satisfy anyone’s needs. - Embedded Pit type: the...

Galvanized lift table

Inkema has its own Department I + D + i. This department is able to satisfy any special need or requirement. An example are Inkemas’ lifting tables, which are used to vertically move any type of load. Our double scissor achieves to access even very high loading points.To accomplish that the lift...

Award as second best SMEs

Some months ago we have received the award as second best SMEs in the metallurgical industrial sector from the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Timisoara, Romania. A prize which rewards our constant efforts to improve the entire production line of loading docks and industrial doors. Our goal is to provide...

SR leveller (Scissor Lift-Dock Leveller)

Our R&D Department has desgned an ensemble of two products in one, composed by a hinged lip dock leveller installed on a scissor lift. This system combination allows the maximum reliability for the loading and unloading activities, it can be used as a simple scissor lift or we can adjust the lift on the dock’s height, ...

Inkema East

These are special days for our factory in Timisoara. Two years ago Inkema’s production centre in Romania started running with new and modern installations of more than 1500 m2. Its objective is to satisfy the demands of our clients set in the area of Eastern Europe. Its production line is very diverse. It has ...

Inkema at Hispack & Bta 2012

Inkema was present at the exhibition Barcelona Tecnologías de la Alimentación 2012. In stand of more than 60 m2 there were exponed a scissor lift, a dock leveller, a high speed door for cold storage rooms, a self-repair high speed door and a stainless steal high speed door. Bta was celebrated again together with...

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