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High Speed Doors

With a Clear Objective: to Control the Temperature.

Inkema’s Cold-storage High Speed Doors are designed for the interior of heavy traffic cold-storage chambers working in a temperature range from 0ºC up to -30ºC, preventing the loss of cold by minimizing the time in which the chamber is open due to the transit of goods.

Inkema’s Cold-storage High Speed Doors consist of two canvases in a single frame which guarantees insulation, and minimizes the condensation effects.

All Inkema’s Cold-storage High Speed Doors are provided with double 1,300gr thermic canvas, a thermic resistor to prevent ice formation, and self-lubricating, allowing them to work in temperatures as low as -30ºC. Thermo fans to prevent condensation are available as an option.

All our products strictly comply with all sanitary and safety rules in force, without forgetting our firm commitment to the environment. And thanks to our R&D Department, we can make any tailor-made door.

For further information download our Inkema’s High Speed Doors Catalogue.

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