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Loading Bays: Solutions For the Horticultural Sector

Within the Horticultural Sector they exist certain requirements that can not be ignored. Quality, safety and functionality are some of them. For this reason Inkema offers well suited solutions in order to satisfy the multiple logistic needs in this sector as loading bays, high speed doors, industrial doors or scissor lift.

The food sector, specially the Horticultural one, is a field where our products offer top reliability, together with fast and efficient after sales service.

High isolation, resistance to tough environmental conditions, load and unload of big and small goods… Our wide product range allows us to satisfy all our clients, as specific as your needs may be.

Dock levellers, sectional doors, dock shelters, scissor lifts, PVC curtains, high speed doors with stainless steel and galvanized profiles, and other solutions in order to separate spaces in an optimal and safe way.

All our products strictly follow the current sanitary and safety rules, without forgetting about our commitment to the environment.

For further information download our catalogues of  Loading Bays, Loading Bridges, Scissor Lifts, Industrial Doors, Dock Shelters, High-Speed Doors, Fire Doors

We also kindly invite you to visit regularly our Youtube Channel where you can find videos of ourloading bays, scissor lifts and industrial doors.

The images shows unloading equipment, industrial doors, loading bridges, refrigerated high-speed doors, scissor lift, fire doors and loading bays.

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