Scissor Lifts - Inkema   [30/09/2013]

Scissor Lifts

The Inkema Scissor Lifts are used mainly to move any type of loading vertically, being able to be adapted to the customers needs with previous technical study.

The Inkema Scissor Lift of simple scissors is formed by:

Base: it is formed by laminated profile in which it is installed the scissors mechanism and the hydraulic group. It allows the superior part to support without the loading on the scissors system while it is closed.

Scissors: they formed a mechanism that permits the raising of the superior structure and it is formed by two structures in - H - shaped both articulated in their centre forming the elevation mechanism.

Superior structure: formed by sheet metal and a laminated outliner. It is the loading and unloading area that raising and / or going down permits to achieve different working levels.

Hydraulic equipment: formed by an electrical engine, a hydraulic pump together with a tank for the hydraulic oil, two raising cylinder with the parachute valve incorporated and the hydraulic lifters. The equipment runs according to the requested load capacity.

Electrical equipment: formed by the electrical cables, the handling cable tube and an electrical panel which are located the protection components, power and manoeuvre in.

For further info, please check scissor lifts area on our website or download Inkema’s Scissor Lifts Catalogue.

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