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Sectional Doors

Sectional Doors are one of the best options for industrial enclosures due to their high degree of protection, insulation, security, and low maintenance. In addition, Sectional Doors adapt to the available and building characteristics in each case, providing a more efficient use of space.

In Inkema our technicians in R+D+i have designed completely customizable Sectional Doors for their use in warehouses, logistic centres, shops, and any type of production plant, at all times ensuring significant space saving as well as complete insulation of the façade.

Inkema Sectional Doors are formed by a set of sliding panels provided with guide-bearing system and compensation line ensuring the user that the door will always be at the desired position, thus eliminating unnecessary efforts. They incorporate blocking system in the unlikely event of breaking any element.

Inkema offers a wide range of Sectional Doors:

  • Conventional Sectional Doors
  • Glazed Sectional doors
  • Residential Sectional Doors

For more information, please consult the section on Sectional Doors on our website or download the INKEMA Sectional Doors Catalogue.

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