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Security Baseboard

Having a security baseboard in a loading leveller increases the security for the operator, the goods and the installation.

The baseboard consists in an extension of the leveller’s lip, with milling in both edges. When the leveller is closed, the baseboard stands out the loading bay, thus providing its own function as a baseboard, and preventing accidents by falling down to a different level. When the leveller is on its working position, the baseboard is adjusted over the superior plate, allowing an easy transit of forklifts and staff thanks to the milling in its end.

The mechanism, as it is jointed to the lip, it is activated by its hydraulic system, and it is always automatically activated when the leveller is in closed position, and deactivated or folded when the leveller is undertaking its loading / unloading function.

As a warning signal, the baseboard side which is seen from the inside of the building is painted in yellow colour, or a black & yellow auto-adhesive band is placed on it.

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