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Dock Houses

The Perfect Solution.

The dock houses and free-standing frame system couples the building to the vehicle. The standard dock house roof is formed by a special anti-drip ribbed panel with a slope that prevents the accumulation of water and allowing rainwater to be drained into the drip tray at the front. Depending on each need, it can be supplied in different versions:

  • Structure only, for the customer to fit it to the façade.
  • Plate enclosure.
  • Sandwich panel.
  • Prefabricated concrete.

Optionally, a dock house can be added to improve energy savings and the thermal insulation between building and loading bay. There are several types of dock houses suitable for isothermal tunnels: retractable houses, fixed houses, façade mounted houses and inflatable houses.

Standard Dock HouseCustomized Dock House

Inkema isothermal tunnels improve working conditions and goods handling thanks to their high thermal and hygienic insulation.

Inkema has two types of isothermal tunnels for loading bays:

PDF  INKEMA Loading Bay Catalogue
PDF  INKEMA Free Standing Frames and Dock Houses Catalogue

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