Rolling High-speed Door - PRER

The most competitive door on the market.

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Rolling High-speed Door - PRER

The most competitive door on the market.

The Rolling High-Speed Door - PRER comprises a PVC canvas with inner reinforcements fixed to a metal frame incorporating a geared motor activated by a control panel.

This door conceived especially for indoor applications of intensive use, helps fluid traffic thanks to its high-speed opening and closing, therefore achieving energy savings and higher output.

Specially designed for use in warehouses, logistics centres, and any kind of productive plant or premises with an intense flow of goods, assuring optimal tightness

Rolling high-speed door for multifunctional useRolling high-speed door with excellent tightness

The door frame is formed by two sides and is all made in folded steel plate.

Main features to bear in mind in the Rolling High-speed Door - PRER:

  • Excellent tightness: It blocks wind currents with the double brush on the frame structure.
  • Door for multifunctional use: Suitable for installations in any industrial sector: logistics, automobile, agricultural foodstuff, etc...
  • Maximum safety above all: It includes two safety systems: an electric band at the bottom of the door and safety photocells.
  • Fast assembly and easy repair: The door comes pre-installed. Low maintenance.

Technical data:

  • Application: Indoor
  • Structure: Metal frame
  • Max. size: 4000 x 4000mm.
  • Material-canvas: High-strength PVC (900g/m2)
  • Max. speed: Opening and closing (~1.0m/s)
  • Safety: Safety photocell. Soft and flexible lower edge
  • Canvas and frame colours: 10 colours available

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