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Folding Doors

The greatest benefits always in style.

Flexibility and practicality. These are the main characteristics of the Folding Doors, formed by vertical leaves joined by hinges of high resistance.

Inkema divides its range of folding doors into two: hinge doors or guided doors.

Hinge doors are used for smaller open gaps compared to guided doors, which due to their weight require double-lane guides.

Folding doors yellow Folding doors blue Folding doors red

In both types, the folding doors are formed by the following elements:

  • Panels: The door is formed by leaves of 52mm. thick sheets formed by its own perimeter frame of 2 mm. galvanized steel profiles. By the external side of the panel, a 20 micron layer of paint is applied. It is also added a protective adhesive film for scratch protection during the manipulation, fabrication and assembly processes.
  • Guides: The higher guides of the door are made in 3 mm thick steel, electro galvanized and folded with a special design, which allows the eventual motorization of the assembly.
  • Locking bar: This safety device prevents hand entrapment and allows door locking in two points. The locking bars run on Teflon-coated tracks. They allow a soft, quiet and precise operating.
  • Hardware: The hinges of swing doors are attached at the front on the inside. They are of aluminium alloy and painted in matt black. Their design allows the shock absorption, limiting the damage that the leaves can endure.

Folding door plegable outside Folding door plegable inside

The folding doors range have the following options:

  • Pedestrian door with threshold.
  • External tower bolt with lock and lever.
  • Louvred panel.
  • Tubular beam.
  • Stainless steel finishing.
  • Automation (motor).

Folding doors with external tower bolt Folding doors glassed Folding doors with lock Folding doors of stainless steel

Choice of 16 colours in pre-painted metal sheet:

RAL Folding doors

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