Large Dimension Doors

Giant doors for large facilities.

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Large Dimension Doors

Giant doors for large facilities.

The Inkema range of Large Dimension doors has been developed to cover big open surfaces satisfying the specific needs of our customers.

The dimensioning possibilities of the door leaves are practically unlimited. These doors are usually exposed to humidity, cold, dust or heavy winds, always in conformity with the Harmonized European Standards. 

Large dimension doors with automation Large dimension doors with louvred panel

  • Folding doors: They are formed by an assembly of folding panels, of high reliability and minimum maintenance. They are ideal for the closing of big spaces.
  • Glassed doors: For big openings with plenty of light, the glassed doors with lower track are the best solution due to the fact that they offer an extremely clear and bright work environment.
  • Sliding doors: Sliding doors with one or several leaves allow the closing of big openings. Its optimal solidity and its maximum functionality are their main characteristics.

Large dimension doors folding Large dimension doors glassed Large dimension doors sliding

Typical applications for these type of industrial doors: mechanical heavy industries, energy plants, shipyards, big warehouses, bridge cranes and aircraft hangars.

The Large Dimension Doors range have the following options:

  • Pedestrian door with or without threshold.
  • External tower bolt with lock and lever.
  • Louvred panel.
  • Tubular beam.
  • Stainless steel finishing.
  • Automation (motor).

Choice of 16 colours in pre-painted metal sheet.

RAL Large dimension doors

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