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Loading Bays

The Perfect Combination of Speed, Functionality and Safety

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The Perfect Combination of Speed, Functionality and Safety.

Inkema electro hydraulic dock levellers are used to cross the gaps and heights between the loading bays and the boxes of the trucks which are loaded and unloaded. Inkema has a wide range which includes standard levellers such as the RH1 collapsible lip leveller, the RH 2 and RH3 telescopic lip levellers or 12-metre levellers like the Inkema RH65.
Inkema also supplies different constructive systems. After conducting a previous study, we offer the best solutions for each type of construction, installation and loading bay. 

And in our Youtube channel you will see a loading operation. Simply click on the following link: Youtube loading bays.

PDF  INKEMA Loading Bay Catalogue


Loading bays

Safety is our fundamental aim


The Standard Solution

  Loading Bays > Swing lip > RH1

The Standard Solution.

Simple, speedy and functional. Without doubt, the Inkema RH1 is the perfect solution for any loading bay. Its hydraulic tilting mechanism and collapsible lip enable the dock leveller to cross the gap and height between the loading bay and the boxes in the truck, allowing the boxes to rest firmly on the loading bay.
Safety is an essential requirement for any professional. For this reason, Inkema collapsible lip levellers are fitted with diverse safety systems and are compliant with the EU standards.

PDF  INKEMA RH1 Leveller Catalogue


Designed for Transportation

  Loading Bays > Swing lip > RH14

Designed for Transportation.

The major or minor improvements we make, which are often proposed by our customers, mean that our product range is in constant development. This is the case of the Inkema RH14 collapsible lip dock leveller.
The RH14 is an evolution of the RH1 with a special transportation height of 463mm. This is precisely the right measurement for aligning 5 machines in a row in front of a conventional truck. It is certainly an excellent solution for reducing transport costs.

PDF  INKEMA RH14 Leveller Catalogue

RH2 and RH3

Adaptable to Any Loading Situation

  Loading Bays > Telescopic Lip > RH2 and RH3

Adaptable to Any Loading Situation.

Inkema RH2 and RH3 telescopic lip levellers are the best option due to their functionality and efficiency. The RH2 has a retractable lip of 500mm and the RH3 has a retractable lip of 1000mm. Their telescopic lip makes them the ideal solution for reaching places that the Inkema RH1 collapsible lip leveller cannot reach and they are especial useful in facilities in which internal and external heat insulation is relevant. For this reason, Inkema RH2 and RH3 telescopic lip levellers are fitted with diverse safety systems and are compliant with the EU standards.

PDF  INKEMA RH2 and RH3 Levellers Catalogue


The Most Versatile Solution

  Loading Bays > Yard Ramp > RH65

The Most Versatile Solution.

The Inkema RH65 12-metre leveller is the most versatile leveller in the market. It is recommended for truck loading and unloading operations in industrial warehouses and premises with no docks or which this option is not possible, to allow the fork-lifts to reach the truck from ground level.
Depending on the needs of each customer, they can be made in different lengths and with different load capacities.

PDF  INKEMA RH65 Yard Ramp Catalogue


Make the Most of Our Innovation

  Loading Bays > Special

Make the Most of Our Innovation. Many Are Doing This Already.

The principal function of the Inkema R+D+i Department is to conduct research and create new products of the highest quality, to satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding market.
The following catalogues present a series of examples for special applications. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the catalogue, or if you have any questions, please contact the Inkema customer service department.

PDF  INKEMA Special Levellers and Loading Bridges Catalogue


INKEMA Special Leveller SR

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