RH14 Dock Levellers

Designed for Transportation.

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RH14 Dock Levellers

Designed for Transportation.

The major or minor improvements we make, which are often proposed by our customers, mean that our product range is in constant development. This is the case of the Inkema RH14 dock leveller

The RH14 is an evolution of the RH1 with a special transportation height of 463mm. This is precisely the right measurement for aligning 5 machines in a row in front of a conventional truck. It is certainly an excellent solution for reducing transport costs.

RH14 dock levellerRH14 dock leveller of 463mm

In addition to its safety systems, the RH14 dock leveller has the same features as the RH1 dock leveller, with respect to the platform, lip and inferior structure. One of the major differences is that practically the complete inferior structure is eliminated in the RH14 and in most models the two Ø35 mm elevation cylinders are resting on the front.

RH14 dock leveller's structure

PDF  INKEMA Loading Bay Catalogue
PDF  INKEMA RH14 Leveller Catalogue

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