Dual SR Scissor Lift Table

Two machines in one: The best combination.

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Dual SR Scissor Lift Table

Two machines in one: The best combination.

The Dual SR dock leveller or lift table is a set of two machines in one, composed of a dock leveller installed on a lift table.

This combination of systems allows maximum flexibility for loading and unloading as, depending on needs, it can be used as a simple lift table or we can fix the level of the lift table at that of the loading bay and use the dock leveller to perform the inclined bridge function between the loading bay and the truck.

The Dual SR lift table + deck leveller with retractable lip is a loading system of two machines in one. Installed in a loading bay, it works by a system drive.

Rampa de carga o Mesa elevadora Dual SR

Thanks to our highly qualified technicians, we can also design SR deck levellers + lift tables and with retractable lip.


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