RH12B Dock Levellers

The RH12B Dock Leveller can bridge the distance and height between the loading bays and the body of the lorry, using its hydraulic tilting mechanism and hinged lip.

Its 400mm hinged hydraulic lip is long enough to allow the leveller’s platform to rest firmly on the lorry’s trailer.

This type of suspended loading leveller can support loads of up to 15,000 kg, with a maximum working gradient of 12.5%.

There are 4 standard sizes for the RH12B Dock Leveller, with different widths for the hinged lip. We also design and manufacture RH12 dock levellers that are up to 5000mm long x 2400 wide x 800 high*.

  • 2070 x (1800/2000/2200) x 605mm
  • 2310 x (1800/2000/2200) x 605mm
  • 2570 x (1800/2000/2200) x 605mm
  • 3070 x (1800/2000/2200) x 605mm

*For other dimensions, please consult our salesmen

Ramp RH12 | Inkema

The Suspended Type Levellers require no frame for securing them to the pit, as the machine already has one. Its main advantage is that the frame and leveller can be installed at the same time, as the frame is integrated to the leveller. Another advantage is that no bottom support is needed as all the pressure is transmitted to the superior edge of the pre-frame of the leveller, leaving a free space underneath the leveller to allow trucks with their own rear loading bridge to fit inside this space.

Self-supporting bench | Inkema

The Inkema RH12B Dock Leveller is composed by three parts:

  • The platform consists of a 6/8mm thick tear plate top, rolled steel sections and lateral toeguards.
  • Compact and robust lip made of 13/15 mm thick steel tear plate. The lip is hinged and its end is milled, allowing it to fit against the lorry perfectly and smoothing the lorry’s passage.
  • The lower structure is made from rolled steel sections and the platform and hydraulic group are installed on it.

Rh12b De Lado

  1. Self-cleaning reinforced flat hinges.
  2. Hydraulic equipment: electric motor, hydraulic pump and tank.
  3. Axles protected from corrosion by electrolytic zinc plating treatment and passivation.
  4. Centring system between lip and dock uses nylon separators to keep the claw in the correct position.
  5. Toeguards for feet protection and black & yellow safety bands.
  6. Lifting cylinders with Ø50mm piston rod and anti-fall safety valve.

All the Inkema Dock Levellers and loading bridges have been calculated and designed pursuant to the following European directives and standards.

The RH12B Dock Leveller has the following safety features:

  • Emergency stop: Activated by switch or a power failure.
  • Fixed and movable toeguards: Prevent feet from being trapped between the platform and the pit.
  • Side bands: Help reduce the risk of collisions.
  • Safety bar: Prevents it from closing during maintenance.
  • Anti-fall safety valves inside the hydraulic cylinder.
  • Platform with anti-slip tear surface on top.


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RH1 Dock Leveller with Hinges Lip

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