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Inkema Again Wins First Prize for Best SME. - Inkema

Inkema Again Wins First Prize for Best SME.


Inkema, one of the major international companies specialized in producing Loading Bay equipment and Industrial Doors, has been honored by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Timisoara (Romania) for the second consecutive year with the ...

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RH65: The most versatile solution - Inkema

RH65: The most versatile solution


The Inkema RH65 Yard Ramp is the most versatile leveler in the market. It is recommended for loading and unloading operations in industrial warehouses and premises with no loading bay facilities to allow the forklifts to reach the truck ...

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Solutions for Logistic Companies - Inkema

Solutions for Logistic Companies


Companies in Logistic Sector require the best quality, safety and functionality for their facilities. For this reason Inkema offers perfectly suited solutions to match their multiple logistic needs such as levellers, high speed and ...

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Sectional Doors  - Inkema

Sectional Doors


Sectional Doors are one of the best options for industrial enclosures due to their high degree of protection, insulation, security, and low maintenance. In addition, Sectional Doors adapt to the available and building characteristics in each ...

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Inkema takes part in IKEA - Inkema

Inkema takes part in IKEA


The largest IKEA plant in the Middle East has become a reality, located at Amman (Jordan). For the building’s construction, which has involved many European companies, Inkema has installed Loading Bay levelers, Self-repairable Doors and Sectional ...

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International Division - Inkema

International Division


At Inkema we are strongly committed to the quality of our products and services. Have a direct insight of the needs and demands of the sector, as well as the opinions and requests of our customers, is a need which allows us to improve day after day our ...

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