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 High Speed Doors - Inkema

High Speed Doors


With a Clear Objective: to Control the Temperature.Inkema’s Cold-storage High Speed Doors are designed for the interior of heavy traffic cold-storage chambers working in a temperature range from 0ºC up to -30ºC, preventing the loss of cold by minimizing ...

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Loading Bays: Solutions For the Horticultural Sector - Inkema

Loading Bays: Solutions For the Horticultural Sector


Within the Horticultural Sector they exist certain requirements that can not be ignored. Quality, safety and functionality are some of them. For this reason Inkema offers well suited solutions in order to satisfy the multiple logistic needs in this sector ...

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Security Baseboard - Inkema

Security Baseboard


Having a security baseboard in a loading leveller increases the security for the operator, the goods and the installation. The baseboard consists in an extension of the leveller’s lip, with milling in both edges. When the leveller is closed, the ...

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Scissor Lifts: Efficient, Robust and Safe - Inkema

Scissor Lifts: Efficient, Robust and Safe


Inkema’s scissor lifts are suitable to cover different logistics needs in most sectors: food, pharmaceutics, automotive, industrial, textile, etc. Mainly Inkema’s scissor lifts are designed to: Overcome drops: they move vertically any kind of ...

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Loading Bridges - Inkema

Loading Bridges


Inkema bridges are essential in any loading and unloading process as they reduce significantly risks to workers, premises and goods. Inkema offers a wide range of manual bridges in different finishes and dimensions. We can divide them into two types ...

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Self-repairable High-Speed Doors - Inkema

Self-repairable High-Speed Doors


Our highlight today is our High-Speed Door with Self-repairable system. This door is a speed rolling door, but with the peculiarity that when something hits it hard or crashes into it, the canvas jumps out of its guides without breaking. The subjection ...

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