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Loading bays - Inkema

Loading bays


The loading bay is a basic part of the logistic of any company. It could be said that loading docks are the space designed for loading and unloading goods. However, the existence of elements that ease this task makes the job more or less effective. And it ...

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Loading bays: solutions for the meat industry - Inkema

Loading bays: solutions for the meat industry


Within the meat industry they exist certain requirements that can not be ignored. Quality, safety and functionality are some of them. For this reason Inkema offers well suited solutions in order to satisfy the multiple logistic needs in this ...

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Construction systems on loading bay  - Inkema

Construction systems on loading bay


Inkema also supplies different construction systems. After conducting a previous study, we offer the best solutions for each type of construction, installation and loading bay. The Inkema construction system concept is easy to explain: these systems ...

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Galvanized lift table - Inkema

Galvanized lift table


Inkema has its own Department I + D + i. This department is able to satisfy any special need or requirement. An example are Inkemas’ lifting tables, which are used to vertically move any type of load. Our double scissor achieves to access even very ...

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Award as second best SMEs  - Inkema

Award as second best SMEs


Some months ago we have received the award as second best SMEs in the metallurgical industrial sector from the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Timisoara, Romania. A prize which rewards our constant efforts to improve the entire production ...

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SR leveller (Scissor Lift-Dock Leveller) - Inkema

SR leveller (Scissor Lift-Dock Leveller)


Our R&D Department has desgned an ensemble of two products in one, composed by a hinged lip dock leveller installed on a scissor lift. This system combination allows the maximum reliability for the loading and unloading activities, it can be used as a ...

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