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Inkema PA1 loading bridges are designed to be installed at the end of loading bays, with the possibility of lateral sliding which enables you to have access to several loading points by using only one bridge. In the same way, another advantage is that they do not need any kind of pit for their installation.

They consist of a base frame upon which both upper structure and compensation system are housed. Such frame enables you to move all the loading bridge set laterally along a rail.

The Inkema PA1 loading bridge is formed by:

- Base frame: It is formed by a solid link upon which the upper structure is housed. It has two wheels in order to enable lateral sliding by rail, likewise, it is the support for housing the compensation system.

- Upper structure: It is base frame-supported, it enables you to tip up and reach an optimum lean in order to load / unload. It consists of a tear steel sheet under which a solid structure of profiles is fixed.

- Compensation system: It is formed by both compensation arm and springs, which are the ones that produce needed stress so that the bridge can be handled by hand.

- Handling and blocking system: It consists of a handle and a pedal, by combining both of them you can either fix the bridge to its highest position or handle the bridge in order to place it in a working position, in a way which is completely safe and effortless.

For further info, please check Loading Bridges Area on our website or download Inkema PA1 Loading Bridges Catalogue.

We also kindly invite you to visit regularly our Youtube Channel where you can find videos of our loading bays, scissor lifts, industrial doors...

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