Optimize your logistics on Black Friday with Inkema's High-speed Doors

Black Friday is approaching, and at Inkema Systems, we understand the need for efficiency in your deliveries. Our high-speed doors could be the essent...

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Excellence in service

Inkema is committed to provide efficient, competitive, and quality solutions to all our customers. As part of our growth and continuous improvement st...

Certificaciones Necesarias Para Puertas Industriales


CE Marking for Industrial Doors

Industrial doors are an essential part of many businesses and factories, as they allow goods, vehicules and people to enter and exit. However, these d...

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Commercial Convention 2023

During last week, in Inkema Sistemas, we celebrated our 'Commercial Convention 2023' where we were able to gather a large part of the sales team and t...

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Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Loading Bays

Loading bays are an essential element in making an industrial building, logistics centre and other constructions energy efficient or not.  In this art...

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