Puertas Rápidas Y Puertas Seccionales


Enhance your logistics facilities with the integration of Inkema's High-Speed Doors and Sectional Doors.

In industrial environments, optimizing access is crucial. At Inkema, we recommend the combined installation of our innovative high-speed doors and sec...



Optimize your logistics on Black Friday with Inkema's High-speed Doors

Black Friday is approaching, and at Inkema Systems, we understand the need for efficiency in your deliveries. Our high-speed doors could be the essent...



Take part in Inkema's Children's Drawing Contest!

Inkema Sistemas, is launching a children's drawing contest aimed at the employees' kids, aiming to raise awareness about the importance of working saf...

¿qué Son Las Puertas Seccionales (2)


What Are Sectional Doors?

Sectional doors are an upward-lifting access solution, ideal for maximizing available space around door openings. They find extensive use...

Noticia Inkema Mexico Evento (1)


Inkema continues consolidating in Mexico

A few days ago, @AMIQRO (Association of Industrial Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Querétaro), in collaboration with @EMQRO (Industry Magazine),...

Noticia Conxemar (6)


See you at Conxemar 2023

See you at Conxemar 2023 from October 3rd to 5th! Inkema Sistemas will be present at the upcoming edition of Conxemar 2023, the leading international...

Noticia 1907


What Type of Loading Bays are Best for My Facilities?

Inkema Sistemas offer a wide range of customized solutions that adapt to your specific needs. Discover the key factors to consider in order to enhance...

Fruit Attraction (3)


See you at Fruit Attraction 2023

See you at Fruit Attraction from October 3rd to 5th: We're excited to announce that Inkema will be showcasing at Fruit Attraction 2023. As experts in...

Jornada Puertas Abiertas Inkema


Inkema Open Day

Last Saturday, 20th May, Inkema Sistemas held an open day event. It was a unique opportunity for our relatives to explore the facilities in Les Franqu...

Comunicado Rumanía


Excellence in service

Inkema is committed to provide efficient, competitive, and quality solutions to all our customers. As part of our growth and continuous improvement st...

Rampa De Carga Para Camiones Rh65


Discover the versatility of Inkema's RH65 Yard Ramp

The Inkema RH65 Yard Ramp is one of the most versatile options for loading and unloading goods at ground level in warehouses, logistics centers, and s...

Certificaciones Necesarias Para Puertas Industriales


CE Marking for Industrial Doors

Industrial doors are an essential part of many businesses and factories, as they allow goods, vehicules and people to enter and exit. However, these d...

Foto Plantilla Edit Eng


Commercial Convention 2023

During last week, in Inkema Sistemas, we celebrated our 'Commercial Convention 2023' where we were able to gather a large part of the sales team and t...

Eficiencia Energética (3)


Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Loading Bays

Loading bays are an essential element in making an industrial building, logistics centre and other constructions energy efficient or not.  In this art...

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