Hinged Lip Dock Leveller

The variety of truck heights and loading bays make dock levellers inevitable. These are the most practical and safest way to perform the loading and unloading process.

Without doubt, the Inkema RH1 is the perfect solution for any loading bay. Its hydraulic tilting mechanism and hinged lip enables the dock leveller to cover the gap and height between the loading bay and the truck, allowing it to rest firmly on the loading bay.

Folding loading bay | Inkema

Suitable for installation in any loading bay

In our facilities, we manufacture two types of dock levellers with hinged lip


  • RH12B: Self-hanging type. Dock leveller for those who prefer to install the leveller in a pit without a sub-frame. Self-hanging type | Inkema
  • RH13B: Box Model without letter box. Dock leveller for those who do not want a pit.Box Model without letter box | Inkema
  • And for those who do not want a pit, but need an opening for the truck letter box: Box Model with Precast for letter box.Box Model with Precast | Inkema

RH14: Dock leveller with a specific height specially designed for the transport. The space inside the trucks is optimised, thus reducing the cost of transportation. 


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Product of Hinged Lip Dock Leveller

We can find the following types of Hinged Lip Dock Leveller:


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