Mission, vision and values


To continuously reinforce our business project and our brand to grow and provide our customers with the best loading bay systems along with other industrial enclosures.

It is essential to achieve a high degree of satisfaction from our customers by establishing a close relationship with them and offering them the guarantee of quality products to rely on. The flexibility to adapt to the needs of our customers and to serve the products they need is a strategic factor that sets us apart from competitors and allows us to achieve their loyalty.

In addition, we try to achieve maximum satisfaction for the people who are part of the Inkema company, our external collaborators and society.




Producto Inkema


To continue being one of the main references as manufacturers of loading bays and industrial enclosures thanks to our work, with great effort for more than 35 years. We want to continue being a benchmark in our sector in service, design, innovation and technology.

Pioneers in giving our customers value with a unique, quality after-sales service, guaranteeing the smooth operation of our products with the same tranquillity as on the first day.



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Our Values

  • We are people committed to the company project, in its mission and vision; we strive every day to achieve the proposed challenges.
  • The satisfaction and motivation of the people is important, so we encourage participation, communication and leadership.
  • Customer satisfaction is our guarantee of the future and becomes our top priority, as well as strengthening our brand.
  • We are a socially responsible company. Our Corporate Social Responsibility is aimed to improve our social surroundings and the environment; we consider sustainability between nature, society and industry to be of vital importance.

Comunicación Interna INKEMA

All our business and social actions are aimed at transmitting and promoting values that define our identity as a company. Those that most identify us are:

Innovation, Commitment, Quality, Internationalisation and Environment.

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