Retractable Lip Dock Levellers

The dock levellers with telescopic lip allow you to adapt to all loading and unloading situations. Thanks to the lip’s retractable movement, the truck does not have to be centred in the dock.

With these dock models you have longer platforms with a place in shorter loading bays.

They allow larger height differences between loading bays and truck platforms, as well as the distance between them.

Retractable lip loading dock | Inkema

At Inkema we manufacture two types of dock levellers with telescopic lip:

  • RH2: has a retractable lip of 500mm. Adapting perfectly to any loading bay.RH2 loading dock | Inkema
  • RH3: has a retractable lip of 1.000 mm. Especially recommended for isothermal installations thanks to its perfect seal.         RH3 Loading dock | Inkema


Safety and strength: Profitability assured.


The Inkema construction system concept is easy to explain: these systems are designed to satisfy anyone’s needs:

  • RH21/31: Embedded Pit type. For those who want to start with a pit and a sub-frame.Embedded Pit type | Inkema
  • RH22/32: Self-hanging type. For those who prefer to install the leveller in a pitwithout a sub-frame.Self-hanging type | Inkema
  • RH23/33 Dock Levellers: For those who do not want a pit: Box Model without letter box.Dock Levellers without letter box | InkemaAnd for those who do not want a pit, but need an opening for the truck letter box: Box Model with Precast for letter box.Dock Levellers with precast for letter box | Inkema


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Product of Retractable Lip Dock Levellers


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