Manual Iron Loading Bridges

Inkema’s steel loading bridges are designed to be installed at the end of the loading bay in a fixed manner or can be moved laterally by a rail on two wheels, as is the case with the PA1 steel loading bridge.

We manufacture two types of manual steel loading bridges: the Inkema PA1/PA2 and the Minidock. Also, we manufacture a Hydraulic Loading Bridge PAHI with a nominal load capacity of 6 tons.

In the two categories, their main advantage is that they do not need any type of pit for their installation.

Inkema's steel loading bridges | Inkema

Safe and easy handling.

In addition, both loading bridges have been calculated and designed in accordance with the following European directives and regulations: 2006/42 / EC, EN 1398: 1998 and EN 12100: 2012.

Remember, in Inkema manufacture other types of loading bridges for loading bays as our Aluminium Loading Bridges range.

Loading bridge PA1 | Inkema


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