FireProtect Duo

Fire Protect Duo is an innovative solution that combines the functionality of a Fire Curtain with the versatility of a Rolling High-speed Door.

Designed specifically for industrial and logistics environments, our system offers complete fire protection while allowing quick space sectorization in case of emergency.

Fire Protection:

The RFCOR Fire Curtain provides a fire-resistant barrier with fire resistance classifications of up to EI60 or EI120, according to customer needs.

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Fire Protect Duo allows customization of the combination, choosing the model of Rolling High-speed Door according to specific industry needs.

Our team of experts analyzes each, recommending the most suitable options.

Rolling High-speed Doors: Operational Efficiency

On the other hand, Inkema Rolling High-speed Doors are designed to offer fast and smooth opening and closing, optimizing operational efficiency in the industry.

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Improving energy efficiency and protecting against potential fires is possible

In addition to its primary function of fire protection, Fire Protect Duo also improves energy efficiency by maintaining the interior temperature of climate-controlled spaces and reducing temperature loss.

Compliance with regulations

The RFCOR Fire Curtain limits fire spread, complying with the strictest national (CTE and RSCIEI) and international (EN) standards.

Inkema has all fire resistance determination classifications according to testing standards:

  • UNE EN 1634-1, UNE EN 1363-1, UNE EN 13501-2


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