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The system of loading bays and unloading equipment is a very important point in any economic sector. For this reason, Inkema develops increasingly innovative solutions to fully equip the loading bays with maximum safety and speed for the vehicles, but also achieves remarkable expense savings.

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Inkema loading bays are solutions designed to accurately compensate for the difference in height between the surfaces of the different trucks and the loading dock levellers. In this way, the truck can be loaded or unloaded in one horizontal movement.

Inkema has specialized in loading points and therefore has a wide range to find the best solution for your loading bay.


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Inkema also supplies different constructive systems. After conducting a previous study, we offer the best solutions for each type of construction, installation and loading bay. 

Inkema has a wide range of loading solutions to cater for diverse needs.

The Perfect Combination of Speed, Functionality and Safety

  • Dock Levellers: Inkema electro hydraulic dock levellers are used to cover the gap and height between the loading bay and the box of the truck that needs to be loaded and unloaded.

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  • Loading bridges: no pit is required for installing them and they are used to speed up the loading and unloading of medium sized and small cargos.

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  • Free standing frames and Dock houses: for facilities that require a complete loading structure, with the advantage of not requiring any civil work and projecting the bay outward, thereby leaving free space inside the building.

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