Rolling High-speed Door - PR10

The most competitive door on the market.

The Rolling High-Speed Door - PR10 comprises a PVC canvas with inner reinforcements fixed to a metal frame incorporating a geared motor activated by a control panel.

This door conceived especially for indoor applications of intensive use, helps fluid traffic thanks to its high-speed opening and closing, therefore achieving energy savings and higher output.

En Pr10

The motorisation of this door consists of an efficient high-quality three-phase asynchronous motor.

It also includes a worm gear reducer delivering maximum reliability. The motor brake allows the immediate stopping of the drum when it receives orders for either stop or inversion, or in the event of a sudden power failure.

In the event of power supply failure, the engine can be disengaged, and the handle can be used to open/close the door manually.

PR10 high speed door | Inkema

The door frame is formed by two sides and is all made in folded steel plate.

Main features to bear in mind in the Rolling High-speed Door - PR10:

  • Excellent tightness: It blocks wind currents with the double brush on the frame structure.
  • Door for multifunctional use: Suitable for installations in any industrial sector: logistics, automobile, agricultural foodstuff, etc...
  • Maximum safety above all: It includes two safety systems: A resistive safety beam and a safety photocell (standard). A system of photocell curtain is also available as an option.
  • Fast assembly and easy repair: The door comes pre-installed. Low maintenance.


  • Application: Indoor
  • Structure: Metal frame
  • Max. size: 4000 x 4000mm.
  • Material-canvas: High-strength PVC (900g/m2)
  • Max. speed: Opening and closing (~1.0m/s)
  • Safety: Resistive safety beam and a safety photocell (standard). Photocell curtain (optional).
  • Canvas and frame colours: 10 colours available

Frame Colors | Inkema

Rolling High-speed Door PR10 | Inkema

Specially designed for use in warehouses, logistics centres, and any kind of productive plant or premises with an intense flow of goods, assuring optimal tightness


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