Single Scissor Lift Tables

Mesas Elevadoras Tijera Simple

The single scissor lift table platform comprises a flat surface, a set of single scissors and the hydraulic cylinders.

Inkema single scissor lifts tables are mainly conceived to:

  • Overcome differences in level: they lift any kind of load to overcome different heights in small spaces.
  • Loading Bays: A scissor lift is one of the most widely used solutions when there is no height in the bay or when vehicles of different heights have to be loaded and unloaded.
  • Production and assembly systems: optimisation of assembly lines, systems of production, maintenance, repair, packaging, etc.

Ideal for overcoming any difference in height.

Partes mesa elevadora MEX1 | Inkema

  1. Toe guard
  2. Power pack: motor, pump and tank
  3. Double trackball
  4. Support props
  5. Safety bar for maintainance
  6. Hook for transport
  7. Hydraulic cylinders
  8. Falling security valve
  9. Scissors
  10. Segmented lip with toe guard (optional)

In our factory we pay special attention to the safety of our platforms with different duly tested devices backed by years of experience:

  • Emergency stop activated by cut off or loss of voltage.
  • Non-fall safety valve inside the hydraulic cylinders.
  • Electric safety system working as foot protection.
  • Safety signalling by means of stickers on moving parts.
  • Safety bar preventing the platform from closing during maintenance work.
  • All platforms comply with the European UNE-EN 1570 and EN1570-1 standards.
  • Made in stainless or galvanised steel to withstand corrosive atmospheres (optional).
  • Non-slip teardrop top surface (optional).

Mesa elevadora | Inkema

Moreover, to satisfy all customer’s needs, Inkema has a full range of accessories and finishes for scissor lifts tables.



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Scissor Lift Tables with Hinged Lip and Interlock
Single Scissor Lift Tables

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