Swing fire door

Most manufacturers of standard Swing Fire Doors go up to a maximum manufacturing height and width, when a larger and more robust hinged door is needed, Inkema can offer this with the same features as sliding and hinged fire doors.

Swing Fire Doors are designed to close and sector off large openings.

This type of fire door supports fire resistance for 60 and 120 minutes depending on the characteristics and total thickness of the door leaf.

Swing fire door | Inkema


  • 1 or 2 leaves.
  • Perimeter frame with galvanised steel plate.
  • Handles and lock with key.
  • Possibility of incorporating a pedestrian fire door.
  • Cross reinforcements for large sheets.
  • Special sizes according to requirement.

Types of swing fire doors

Swing firewall 1 - 2 leaves | Inkema

With one or two leaves

Swing firewall 1 leaf reinforced | Inkema

With one leaf reinforced

Swing firewall 2 leaves reinforced | Inkema

With two leaves reinforced


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