Façade Flush Dock Shelter

Inkema’s ABFA Façade Flush Dock Shelter consist of a galvanised pre-frame with a set of canvases attached to it. These adjust perfectly, so they fit the body of a lorry, thus reducing the size of the opening.

Dock shelter flush with the facade | Inkema

The purpose of the Façade Flush Dock Shelter is to provide perfect insulation when loading and unloading. This achieves significant energy savings and also protects the goods.

This dock shelter is installed in the opening using the pre-frame, and the PVC curtains are mounted directly to the frame.

Flush facade shelter | Inkema

When a dock shelter adapts to all of your needs.


Manufactured with a galvanised profile, it is closed at the front using a 0.5mm thick PVC canvas. This canvas is very strong, due its flexible polyster inner mesh.

The maximum width allowed for this type of dock shelter is 3600mm, and a height of 4,400mm. It has no bottom and the dimensions of the top canvas are 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000mm and the side canvas 600mm.

Dock shelter flush facade | Inkema

  1. Polyester canvases covered with 3mm thick PVC.
  2. Galvanised profile.
  3. Vertical reflective bands.
  4. Welded top reinforcement for icnreased durability.


The Façade Flush Dock Shelter - ABFA offers a variety of options that allow its customise the shelter according to their needs and requirements. There are three main options:

  • Extending the lenght of the shelter's top canvas.
  • Possibility of adding wheel guides to the loading dock.
  • Possibility of making the single top canvas into a double top canvas.



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