Vertical Fire Doors

Inkema vertical fire doors are very useful in gaps with little space in the side walls and in which sliding doors cannot be installed.

Inkema vertical fire doors comprise one or several leafs, each of which is made in two sheets of pre-lacquered steel (0.6/0.8 mm thick) to form panels 1150 mm wide. Inside, they have a cavity containing a combination of insulating materials to block flames and smoke, such as high density rock wool, silica fibre...

High quality, long-lasting galvanised steel side guides adapted to the gap, ball bearing roller in the guide and security block are the other elements that complete the Inkema vertical fire doors

Vertical door firewall | Inkema

Ideal for sealing gaps where there is little space available.

All doors have a counterweight system to close them in case of fire. The operation of the vertical fire door can be either manual or automatic.

The Vertical Fire Door consists of the following elements for its correct operation in automatic mode:

  • Electric motor.
  • Electronic control panel.
  • Push buttons for opening and closing.
  • Safety photocell.
  • UPS (opcionally for doors with automatic function).

Types of vertical fire doors


Vertical door firewall 1 leaf | Inkema


Vertical door firewall 2 or more leaves | Inkema



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