Self-Repairable High-Speed Door - PR17

The Inkema High-Speed Door PR17, with its self-repairing system and high-quality construction, is the perfect choice for supermarkets and retail stores seeking efficient separation between their storage area and sales zone.

Pr17 Roja

Featuring an innovative flexible bag system, this door ensures optimal protection and rapid recovery in the event of collisions. Made with durable materials and a high-tenacity polyester PVC curtain, the PR17 delivers long-term reliability.

Pr17   Autoreparable



Safety Systems

The PR17 features a polarized filter photoelectric curtain as a standard safety system, which prevents any collision if a person or goods pass beneath the door while it is in operation. This curtain also includes cross beams to ensure maximum protected volume.

The photoelectric curtain has safety certification in accordance with the
following regulations: EN ISO 13849-1:2008 Cat.2 PL D; EN 61508:2010 SIL2; EN 12978:2009 (SB type, excl. IEC 61496-2:2006).

Sleek and rugged design

Its sleek design, crafted from lacquered steel, enhances the aesthetics of your facilities, along with high-quality finishes. The PR17 is equipped with various safety systems and offers additional customizable options.

Colors Canvas Hd

OPTIONALLY the canvas can be FULLY customised. >>

Technical features and perfomance

  • Area od use: Interior
  • Maximum size: 3000x3000mm (widht x heigh)
  • Maximum area: 9m2 
  • Material (frame): Galvanised steel
  • Operated speed: 1,6m/s
  • Frame/canva colours: white, cream, yellow, orange, red, light blue, dark blue, green, grey and black.
  • Material (canva): High strength PVC (900g/m2)
  • Safety: Light curtain, Frequency inverter
  • Wind load resistence: Class 2: < 3000 x 3000 mm (EN 12424)
  • Air permeability: N/A
  • Life expectations 100.000 cycles


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