Other industrial doors

In Inkema we have a wide range of industrial doors with a huge variety of finishing and accessories according to the needs of each customer.

PVC Swing Doors

They are ideal for good insulation against draughts, as well as creating a walkable dividing line for safe and easy movement.

Puerta Batiente Pvc

PVC slat curtain

Offer an economical and simple solution to protect people from the working environment and weather conditions. PVC slat curtains are easy to install and maintain.

Cortina De Lamas (2)

Provides a clear view and allows for safe, easy and free movement.

Sliding Gate Doors

This type of door is installed around industrial buildings, airports, etc.

Puerta Corredera 4

Available in motorised and manually operated versions, sliding gates can be used when the front yard is short or if a hill prevents the use of double-leaf gates.

Industrial Folding Gate

Folding gates can be manufactured in large dimensions. They can withstand intensive working conditions as well as the weather.

Puerta Cancela Plegable

Available in 1 or 2 leaf versions. The folding gate combines the advantages of a double leaf gate and a barrier to provide access control and traffic flow management.


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