PVC slat curtain

Flexible PVC Slat Curtains provide the most cost effective and simplest solutions to protect people in their working environment from outside weather conditions.

They are excellent barriers against draught, noise, dust, bugs, birds and other nuisances.

PVC Slat Curtains are easy to install and maintain. Slats give you clear vision for safe, easy and free traffic flow as well as daylight saving.


According to the size of the clear opening, the correct width and thickness for standard or ribbed slat has to be chosen: 

  • Between 1.400 and 2.400 mm. high (300 x 2 mm.)
  • Between 2.400 and 3.800 mm. high (300 x 3 mm.)
  • Between 4.000 and 5.000 mm. high (400 x 4 mm.)


The slats are fixed between plate sets which swing freely on the hooks of the rail, avoiding any damage and ensuring long life. Matching: 100, 200, 300 and 400 mm.

Standard duty hook-on-track: Hung on hooks with plate sets, the slats are very easily installed, and can be replaced or removed as necessary.


In order to get a better performance from the doors, a certain percentage of slat overlapping is recommended depending on their use.

Overlapping choice has to be made according to the isolation needs, from a slight overlapping for a simple separation to 100% overlapping for a strong isolation. The standard overlapping for our slats is about 50 mm.


From a wide range of flexible PVC slat available, choose the right slats according to the application:

  • For temperature & noise control: Standard clear
  • For cool rooms: Polar & Super polar
  • For heavy rooms: Ribbed slats
  • For welding screens: Screenflex
  • For tropical regions: Anti-insect yellow
  • For identifying opening edges: Signal red

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