Manual Aluminium Loading Bridges

Inkema’s manual aluminium loading bridges are ideal for safely overcoming small and medium height differences. They are made of a special aluminium alloy, which makes them very light in weight, very resistant to load and maintenance-free.

At Inkema we sell 4 types of aluminium loading bridges:

Loading Bridge PA53 | Inkema

Their handling is very simple and comfortable with an auxiliary arm. They are suitable for loads up to 4,000kg and can be stored vertically to minimise space. They are fast to install and do not need construction work.

With capacity to overcome considerable height differences.

By using very robust springs, the lift compensation can be adjusted optimally for each different size of platform.

Aluminium Loading Bridges | Inkema

The non-slip surface of these aluminium loading bridges for loading bays makes them very safe to use. Their milled and pressed edges are also designed for a perfect adjustment to the truck and to smooth the passage of forklift trucks when loading and unloading cargo.


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Product of Manual Aluminium Loading Bridges

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