Manual Aluminium Loading Bridge PA54

Inkema PA54 Aluminium Manual Loading Bridge is a bridge with an oscillating lip at the end. Easy to handle, it is designed to bridge the gap between the end of the loading bay and the body of the vehicle, providing greater flexibility.

It is manufactured from 40 mm thick aluminium plates in a honeycomb pattern, with a non-slip top surface. It is able to withstand loads of up to 4000 kg.
It can also be supplied with welded ribs on the bottom part for extra reinforcement.

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Aluminum loading bridge PA54 | Inkema


The Simplest Solutions Are Often The Best

Loading Bridge PA54

  1. Aluminium structure with a grooved, 40mm thick honeycomb panel. Aluminium plate in the top part with anti-slip relief.
  2. Solid hinged aluminium profile lip, with rubber profile inserted across the lower part to avoid slipping.
  3. The end has a fold that allows it to better fit the lorry. It is also milled to make it smoother for forklifts when loading and unloading goods.
  4. To make transport even easier, forklift grips and wheels are also available as options.

Main advantages of the PA54 Loading Bridge:

  • They need no kind of pit for installation.
  • Easy to transport on wheels and/or using a trolley.
  • Weather-resistant.

The PA54 aluminium loading bridge has the following safety systems:

  • No oxidizing elements, as it is made of anodised aluminium.
  • Anti-slip surface.
  • Rubber profile that improves the bridge’s grip when manoeuvres are in progress.


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