Manual Aluminium Loading Bridge PA51

Made as a single-piece ramp, with a capacity for bridging important gaps, easy to manoeuvre and with anti-fall surface, weather-resistant and with mechanical anchoring to prevent overturning, the Inkema PA51 aluminium bridge is designed to be installed at the end of the loading bay as a fixed structure or as a sliding version to move along a rail on two wheels.

Loading Bridge PA51 | Inkema

It has a fold at the end to better fit the truck and is also milled at the end to smoothen the passage of forklift trucks loading and unloading cargo.

Folding Loading Bridge PA51 | Inkema


PA51 Loading Bridge parts | Inkema

  1. The balancing arm and the spiral springs enable the bridge to be moved manually, in a comfortable and simple way.
  2. It has a fold at the end that allows it to better fit to the lorry. It is also milled at the end to make it smoother for forklifts when loading and unloading goods.
  3. Side safety belts.


Inkema Aluminium Loading Bridge PA51 have the following advantages:

  • They can bridge important gaps.
  • Easy to move.
  • Anti-slip surface.
  • Weather-resistant.


Moreover, Inkema PA51 has the following safety systems:

  • Mechanical support to prevent overturning.
  • Absence of elements that could rust, due to its anodised aluminium composition.
  • Anti-slip surface.


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