Hydraulic Mini Dock Leveller PA63

The PA63 Mini Dock Leveller allows to bridge the distance and height between loading bays and lorries boxes thanks to its hydraulic tilting mechanism and its hinged lip.

The standard hydraulic folding lip is 400 mm long. With hinged, folded and milled lip at the end of the mini-dam. It is a quick and easy option for installation on any loading dock due to its size and the fact that it does not require a pit. Despite its small size it is able to withstand the passage of 6 tons during loading and unloading processes.

The hydraulic Mini Dock Leveller can be supplied with a special treatment for corrosive environments.

Inkema Minidock is comprised of the following elements:

  • Platform with an upper sheet of tear plate with a thickness of 6/8 mm and solid profiles. 
  • A lip made of tear plate with a thickness of 13/15 mm. 
  • A fixed part that acts as a handrail and is welded to the bay sub-frame in order to increase safety when loading and unloading goods.

Reduce the size without giving up other features.


  1. Removable handrails with safety plate.
  2. Side Attachments
  3. Folded and milled lip on the end for a better fit to the lorry
    and for a smoother passage of forklift lorries.
  4. Shafts protected against corrosion by electrolytic treatment
    of zinc plating and passivation.


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