5 Advantages of using a Folding High-speed Door - PR15



Before explaining the advantages of using a high-speed folding door, we should explain what it is and what it is used for.

A PR15 door is a high-speed door for intensive use. The PR15 Folding High-speed Door can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and is applicable in any industrial sector. Its purpose is to close off areas of an industrial building or other space as quickly and securely as possible.


The Inkema PR15 High-speed Door is powered by a 2.2kW motor and a control panel from which the operator can control the operation. The motorisation operates on a three-phase supply voltage of 230V / 400V.

5 advantages of using a Folding High-speed Door - PR15.



  • One of the characteristics of the Inkema PR15 High-speed Folding Door is the possibility of manufacturing it as a large door. Sometimes, outdoor installations (hangars, large industrial buildings, etc.) need an effective enclosure system. The PR15 High-speed Folding door is ideal for these cases.


  • Energy efficiency: Thanks to the speed of opening and closing, this high-speed door remains open for a minimum time, the time necessary for operators or transport vehicles to enter or exit. With this, we achieve an optimal energy solution, saving energy by preventing the weather conditions from one section to another from being affected.


  • A secure enclosure for people: This High-speed Folding Door incorporates two safety systems: a resistive safety edge and a safety photocell.


  • Quick assembly and easy repair: Thanks to the work of our R&D team, the PR15 High-speed Folding Door is delivered pre-installed, which makes it easy to install. In addition, our quality standards and workmanship make the PR15 door very easy to maintain.


  • Versatility is one of the things we thought about when developing the PR15 High-speed Folding Door. It is suitable for installations in any industrial sector: agri-food, logistics, automotive, pharmaceuticals...



Inkema offers its customers the possibility to customise the PR15 Folding High-speed Door. Choose from 10 colours, the canvas and the frame. This way you can maintain a brand image in the facilities that install the PR15 High-Speed Door.


Inkema Pr15

Inkema Pr15 Personalización

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