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Inkema Dock Shelters are designed to be used in warehouses, logistic centres and in any kind of productive plant, ensuring significant power saving and good insulation, as well as a better comfort and flexibility in loading and unloading manoeuvres.

The main benefits of Inkema’s dock shelters are:

Power saving by its optimal sealing:  The Dock Shelters have the best insulating properties due to its components and self-adjustable structure.

Highest quality components to ensure a long life: It is critical that all components of the dock shelters are of the highest quality, as they must support a heavy duty use under any climatic condition.

Large product range to satisfy all needs: Inkema has different models of dock shelters to meet the customer’s requirements.

Inkema offers a wide range of dock shelters in different dimensions:

Retractable: The retractable dock shelter is suitable for any type of installation, and to accommodate any vehicle’s size thanks to its flexible and economical design. Without any doubt this is the most standard solution for dock shelters.

Inflatable: The perfect adjustment to the truck box provides significant power saving by achieving thermic isolation from the exterior, and it also gives an improved hygiene inside the premises without any loss in comfort and flexibility in manoeuvring.

Cold Store: Optimal adaptation to the vehicle box is achieved thanks to its flexible foam composition. The cold store shelters are an excellent option for fleets using the same kind of vehicles.

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