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Bancadas Y Tuneles Inkema

Inkema’s free standing frames and tunnels are designed specifically for each customer, to speed up the installation of a loading bay, improve the internal insulation of the warehouse and increase the storage capacity of the building.

The tunnel and bench system couples the building to the vehicle. The standard tunnel roof is formed by a special anti-drip ribbed panel with a slope that prevents the accumulation of water and allowing rainwater to be drained into the drip tray at the front. Depending on each need, it can be supplied in different versions:

- Structure only, for the customer to fit it to the façade.
- Plate enclosure.
- Sandwich panel. 
- Prefabricated concrete

There are 2 types of Dock Houses: Standard Tunnel and Customized Tunnel.

The first one is the most common option. The fact that the tunnels are installed outside the building results in an easy, fast installation that makes the most of the building’s capacity and ensures the thermal insulation of the building and loading site. The operation is even faster and easier with our standard tunnels.

Inkema tunnels are designed for use in warehouses, logistic premises and in all kinds of businesses with loading bays. For this reason Inkema conducts a prior study to ascertain the measurements of the tunnel that best suits the needs of each customer. That’s perfect for the second type of tunnels.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information or have any question at: export@inkema.com. Our technicians will help you in finding the best solution for each need.


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