How to make the most of the space in your loading bay?

Pasarela Hidraulica Especial 2

INKEMA is very aware of space optimisation in loading docks. If the loading and unloading area in your facilities has certain space limitations, or you simply need to expand it, at Inkema we have a new solution!

The special hydraulic loading bridge is a solution for those installations that want to dispense with civil works and pit. Its ease of installation allows these tasks to be completed in less time and does not interrupt the normal development of the activity in the loading docks.

It is strong and versatile. It has dimensions of  2400L x 2000W and supports up to 6 tons of weight. Its versatility is reflected in its telescopic front support bases, which allow a correct adjustment to the floor and needs.

Safety is very important and thanks to the double vertical hydraulic locking system, the gangway is secured to prevent possible accidents. The removable galvanised handrails are an option that allows the gangway to be transformed, securing the perimeter of the gangway and preventing falls.

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If you need more information about our Special Hydraulic Loading Bridge click here, or if you prefer, you can also consult our extensive range of products for loading bays such loading bays, Scissor Lift Tables, Scissor Lift Tables, high-speed doors, industrial doors, sectional doors or fire doors. You can contact us at the following e-mail: export@inkema.com or by phone on (+34) 93 544 47 08

Optimise your space with the Hydraulic Loading Bridge!


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