Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Loading Bays

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Loading bays are an essential element in making an industrial building, logistics centre and other constructions energy efficient or not. 

In this article we will explain how Inkema can help you to make your facilities more efficient:

How to save energy with a good loading bay solutions

During the loading and unloading of the goods, temperature fluctuations can appear in the area of loading bays for lorries, causing significant energy losses. It is very important to insulate the interior of the facility and therefore it is vital to choose the right loading bays, sectional doors, high-speed doors and dock shelters. In addition to other products for docks such as load stops, traffic lights and LED lamps or the most appropriate restraint systems (automatic or manual).

Solutions to be more energy efficient


Sectional Doors and High Speed Doors

The installation of sectional or high-speed doors will help you to thermally insulate the areas where you need a stable temperature without leaks.

Dock Shelters

Inflatable dock shelters and retractable dock shelters (among others) will protect goods and operators from weather, dust and polluting fumes from outside. They will also prevent possible temperature leakage to the outside, thus achieving an optimised loading point and minimising energy loss.

All Inkema dock shelters offer a range of optional features that allow customers to customise the shelter to suit their needs and requirements.


How much do I have to invest to achieve savings?

Inkema will advise you so that you can achieve energy savings with optimised loading bays. Our sales team will study your case and with the help of our more than 40 years of experience, you will be able to save energy and not waste a single euro more.

Start Saving

If you have any questions about any of our products such as Dock Levellers, dock shelters,Scissor Lift Tables, hydraulic tableshigh-speed doorsindustrial doorsfire doors, and/or doors, you can visit our website where each and every one of the features are detailed or watch our videos on the INKEMA Youtube channel.


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