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The loading bay is a basic part of the logistic of any company. It could be said that loading docks are the space designed for loading and unloading goods. However, the existence of elements that ease this task makes the job more or less effective. And it is necessary that loading docks are effective, because they are used in many working places: commercial and industrial buildings, warehouses, logistics centers, etc ...

To meet the different needs in loading baysInkema has a wide range of solutions:

Levellers: Inkema levellers are used to bridge the distance and height between the loading dock and boxes of vehicles carrying out loading and unloading processes.

Folding bridges: they do not need a pit for their installation and they are used to speed up the loading and unloading of medium and small goods at loading docks.

Free standing frames and dock houses: they have the advantage of not requiring any civil work since the loading dock is placed outside the building, leaving free space inside the warehouse.

Scissor tables: Inkema lift tables mainly are responsible to connect the loading dock with the different levels of the workstation.

Industrial enclosures: Inkema has a wide range of industrial enclosures for loading docks: speed doors, industrial doors and fire doors.

Dock Shelters: Inkema dock shelters are an essential complement to optimize the process of loading and unloading docks. They are divided into: retractable shelters, fix dock shelters, cold store foam shelters and inflatable dock shelters.

For more information, please, have a look to the section of loading bays on our website or download the Inkema Loading Bay Catalogue.

And in our YouTube channel you will see a loading operation. Simply click on the following link : Youtube loading bays.


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