Solutions for Logistic Companies

Dhl Soluciones Empresas Logisticas Inkema

Companies in Logistic Sector require the best quality, safety and functionality for their facilities. For this reason Inkema offers perfectly suited solutions to match their multiple logistic needs such as levellers, high speed and industrial doors or scissor lift tables.

Inkema’s range of products brings together variety, innovation, functionality, quality, price and service. This is the result of the constant work of its different departments. The range includes: Dock levellers, sectional doors, dock shelters, scissor lifts, PVC curtains, fire doors, high speed doors with stainless steel and galvanized profiles, and other solutions in order to separate spaces in an optimal and safe way.

All our products strictly follow the current sanitary and safety rules, without forgetting about our commitment to the environment.

For further information, please check Loading Bays area on our website or download Inkema’s Loading Bays Catalogue.


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