Successful 2024 Commercial Convention

Puertas Rápidas Muelles De Carga Inkema

During Inkema's annual commercial convention, recently held at our headquarters in Les Franqueses del Vallés, we had the privilege of hosting colleagues and collaborators from all our delegations and countries. Together, we shared experiences, knowledge, and the exciting developments the brand has in store for the current year.

Convencion Inkema Puertas Rapidas

The event, which took place from April 10th to 12th, brought together professionals from various departments and areas of expertise, ranging from sales and marketing to engineering and production.

Over three intense days, attendees participated in conferences, workshops, and team-building activities designed to foster collaboration, innovation, and personal and professional growth.

Inkema Team Building

Highlighted topics included conferences related to the development of our loading docks, including loading bays, high-speed doors, scissor-lift tables, and sectional doors. Advances in research and development by our R&D department, the outstanding work of our national and export sales departments, as well as the diligent efforts of our administration and marketing colleagues, were also discussed.

Inkema Convencion Muelles De Carga Puertas Seccionales

This year, in addition to sharing the achievements and challenges of the past year 2023, we also had the opportunity to present exciting projects and innovations that will drive the brand's growth and innovation in the future.

Inkema Equipo Humano

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this special event. We continue to move forward together towards a bright future for Inkema!


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