What is a Scissor Lift Table?

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As its name suggests, a Scissor Lift Table is a platform that can be raised or lowered to different heights. Inkema Scissor Lift Tables meet the different logistical needs in most sectors: food, pharmaceutical, automotive, textile industry, etc.

What are Scissor Lift Tables for?

Inkema hydraulic lift tables are mainly designed for:

  • Overcoming unevenness: they move any type of load vertically to overcome height differences in confined spaces.
  • Loading Bays: a hydraulic table is one of the most commonly used solutions when there is no dock height or when vehicles of different heights need to be loaded or unloaded.
  • Production and assembly systems: it is possible to optimise assembly lines, production systems, maintenance, repair, packaging, etc. The correct handling or processing of products facilitates the work of the operator, contributing to greater productivity and creating a safer working environment.They can be included in robotised or fully automated logistics systems.

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Scissor Lift table with handrails

Various elements are available to allow customers to choose the hydraulic table that best suits their needs. Such as hinged doors, handrails, hydraulic lip, rollers, ball platform, etc.Mesas Bola

Parts of a Scissor Lift Table:


The base of a hydraulic table is the part that supports the entire weight of the machine and its load. It is designed to be strong and stable. It can be placed on the ground or in a pit.


This element allows the lift table to be raised or lowered. They are usually two pieces of steel joined in an x-shape by means of an axle, which serves as a point of union between the base and the platform.


This is the loading area of the Scissor Lift Table, where the load to be lifted or lowered is placed. Inkema Hydraulic Lift Tables can be customised depending on the needs of each customer.

Hydraulic group: 

It is an electric motor, a hydraulic pump, a tank, cylinder, pipes and various elements that allow mobility to the hydraulic table.

Inkema control panel: 

Allows the Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table to be operated, allowing the load to be raised or lowered to the desired location. 

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Inkema divides its range of lift tables into three:

All Inkema lift tables are designed and manufactured with high quality materials and are equipped with all necessary safety devices.

Inkema hydraulic tables carry the CE mark and are manufactured in accordance with European standards and directives.


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