Retractable Dock Shelter

Maximum protection, maximum energy savings.

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Retractable Dock Shelter

Maximum protection, maximum energy savings.

Inkema retractable dock shelters with inclined roofs are formed by a perimeter structure that holds a series of canvases which adapt to the truck’s bodywork. 

This structure is retractable so that if any incorrect manoeuvre is performed by the truck, the shelter returns to its initial position. 

Retractable Dock Shelter with retractable structure Dock Shelter with perfect seal Retractable Dock Shelter to protect goods Energy savings with Retractable Dock Shelter

The aim is to provide a perfect seal when loading and unloading to achieve considerable energy savings and the resulting protection of the goods.

Inkema retractable dock shelters are mainly made up of the following elements:

  • Structure: Made in 2mm galvanised pipe connected by zinc bars and covered by a PVC canvas 0.5mm thick and very strong thanks to the interior flexible polyester mesh with which it is made. This structure is inclined at the top of the shelter to ensure that any rainwater runs off freely.
  • Canvases: The unit comprises two side canvases, which will have bands printed to help in the truck manoeuvring, and an upper canvas to form the roof. These canvases are made in two polyester section fabrics to facilitate collection, covered with 3mm of black PVC, resistant to knocks and scratching.

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