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Safety Is The Basis of Excellence.

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Fire Doors

Safety Is The Basis of Excellence.

Inkema fire doors are a combination of different concepts such as safety and simplicity, functionality and robustness. 

Fire door installation is more and more commonplace, as current building regulations require high level fire protection in industrial buildings to prevent it from spreading inside them.

Manufacturing according to specifications, different constructive solutions (sliding or vertical with one or more leafs, roll-up, pedestrian door, etc.) and the possibility of using a wide range of accessories complement the needs of the new installation or the planned reformation, which can be coordinated with the fire detection systems.

Sliding Fire DoorsRolling Fire DoorsVertical Fire DoorsPedestrian Fire Doors

Inkema has all of the classifications for determining fire resistance according to UNE EN 1634-1, UNE EN 1363-1 and UNE EN 13501-2 test standards. Inkema can therefore guarantee all of its fire doors with these certifications and approvals in full compliance with current legislation.

At Inkema, we make fire doors in accordance with each customer’s specific needs:

PDF  INKEMA Fire Doors Catalogue


Fire Doors

Sliding Fire Doors | Inkema

Sliding Fire Doors

Vertical Fire Doors | Inkema

Vertical Fire Doors

Rolling Fire Doors | Inkema

Rolling Fire Doors

Pedestrian Fire Doors | Inkema

Pedestrian Fire Doors

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