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Fire Doors

Safety Is The Basis of Excellence

  Fire Doors

Safety Is The Basis of Excellence.

Inkema fire doors are a combination of different concepts such as safety and simplicity, functionality and robustness.
They are made to measure, with different constructive solutions (sliding, folding, guillotine, roller, pedestrian, etc.). Their resistance characteristics (from 60 to 240 minutes) and the option of using a wide range of accessories make Inkema fire doors an essential solution in any facility. And, as always, in coordination with fire-detection systems.

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Fire Doors

Sliding Doors

Safety Comes First

  Fire Doors > Sliding Doors

Safety Comes First.

Inkema sliding fire doors may have one, two or three leaves, located on each side of the wall. When open, they are positioned at one or both sides of the opening, depending on the system used; telescopic or overlapping. This solution is extremely useful for use in enclosures of openings with little space.

Vertical Doors

Inkema Offers Peace of Mind

  Fire Doors > Vertical Doors

Inkema Offers Peace of Mind.

Inkema vertical fire doors are formed by one or several leaves, depending on the selected option, hanging from a top guide so that they move in a straight line by means of protected carriages with bearings (calculating both the guide and the bearings in accordance with the dimensions of the door assembly) and guided at the bottom by a bearing hidden on the side opposite the enclosure. Inkema vertical fire doors include several safety elements such as a counterweight system for closing the opening in the event of fire. Inkema safety; Inkema peace of mind.

Rolling Doors

Maximum Safety, Minimum Space

  Fire Doors > Rolling Doors

Maximum Safety, Minimum Space.

The installation of fire doors is becoming increasingly frequent, since the building regulations require a high standard of protection in industrial buildings. Inkema roller fire doors provide the perfect solution.  They are highly-resistant, heatproof, soundproof doors. In addition, since they roll up, they occupy very little space.

Pedestrian Doors

The Perfect Combination: Safe and Necessary

  Fire Doors > Pedestrian Doors

The Perfect Combination: Safe and Necessary.

Inkema pedestrian doors are designed with the best materials in the market to ensure compliance with the applicable European safety guidlines. In addition to being attractive and practical.
Inkema also offers the option of incorporating a pedestrian fire door into its sliding and vertical fire doors.

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