Pedestrian Fire Doors

The perfect combination for your fire door.

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Pedestrian Fire Doors

The perfect combination for your fire door.

Inkema pedestrian doors are designed with the best materials in the market to ensure compliance with the applicable European safety guidelines. In addition to being attractive and practical. 

Independently, Inkema offers the possibility of sliding and vertical fire doors having a built-in pedestrian fire door, which is necessary when the door in question is located on an evacuation path.

Our commercial team will study the customer’s facility to offer the fire door best suited to every need.

Pedestrian fire door evacuationPedestrian fire doors doublePedestrian fire doors verticalPedestrian fire doors single

Remember that at Inkema we have other types of fire doors that can be adapted very well in your installations like: Vertical Fire Doors, Sliding Fire Doors and Rolling Fire Doors.

PDF  INKEMA Fire Doors Catalogue

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